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The Employee Engagement Cloud

We’re not only setting up an intranet platform for Haiilo but also creating a digital home for their employees.


Coyo, Smarp and Jubiwee become Haiilo

A new, shared brand for three pioneers on a mission. These three companies from Finland, France and Germany have merged together to form a global provider of social intranet, staff communications and employee engagement software and services.

A digital home for all employees

If you want happy customers, you need a motivated team. For many years, Monday Consulting has applied this maxim when helping large and mid-sized enterprises succeed with their internal communications. Our intranet solutions give you the chance to fine-tune the audiences for your information, strengthen staff retention and turn your workforce into a community – even across multiple sites and locations. Our specialists make the most of complex structures and the integration of versatile third-party services to simplify your internal processes.

As a Haiilo partner, the Employee Engagement Cloud we offer gives you all of the basic services you need to enhance your corporate culture and deploy multi-channel communications to your workplace. Consisting of four products – Stories, Share, Home and Insights – this is a 100% Java solution, which means our developers are not only familiar with the product package but also the technology it runs on. However complex the requirements, integrations and connections, we take it all in our stride. And thanks to our content management expertise, we also ensure that you get the most out of the platform and use all of its features to the full.

As one of the largest providers of social intranet and staff communications software, Haiilo helps companies create a digital home for all of their employees, and provide them with outstanding and inspiring multi-channel communications. Worldwide, the platform is now used by more than 2 million employees and has been deployed by over 750 prestigious international clients.


Good reasons for Monday Consulting and Haiilo

Long-standing experience in the development of intranet platforms.

Our developers live the technologies they use.

Globally, more than 50,000 members of staff use an intranet platform developed by Monday Consulting.



Haiilo Stories

Today, a simple intranet platform is no longer enough to ensure that all of your information gets to the right audiences. This is why Haiilo developed Stories, to address employees on all of their preferred channels: from email to SharePoint, Slack to digital signage, bespoke employee apps – and more. And all multi-channel communications occur in real time. Less effort – more engagement.


Variety of features

Maximum bandwidth for team-building

Haiilo offers plenty of connectivity out of the box to increase employee engagement. Haiilo Home is the social intranet of tomorrow that offers employees their very own digital hangout. An easy-to-use platform that is also easy to extend to with additional integrations like Microsoft Teams. Haiilo Insights offers you a valuable set of metrics on employee satisfaction, while Haiilo Share gives your staff the chance to transform themselves into brand ambassadors.



Data protection-compliant communications

Haiilo offers you a secure platform fully compliant with EU data protection law (GDPR) that is still streamlined and straightforward to use. This modern intranet solution guarantees GDPR-compliant communications throughout your organization while shielding your sensitive internal information from unauthorized access by third parties.


Complex structures

Intranet expertise

With Monday Consulting, you have a partner specialized in complex structures and the ever-growing number of integrated services. Thanks to our long-standing experience in developing intranet platforms, we can always identify the ideal solution for any requirements.

We make sure you get ahead

Digital strategy & conception

We work with your team to develop a digital strategy, help you select the system that’s right for you and draw up a made-to-measure implementation plan. We’re also on hand for advice and assistance throughout your project.

Digital strategy & conception

Content management systems

Whichever CMS you opt to deploy and whether you’re looking at cloud or on-premise hosting, as certified developers for the CoreMedia and FirstSpirit content management systems, we can always find the right solution for your project.

Content management systems

Creative web design

We make sure that your project always looks its best, whatever the intended channel. And we always keep an eye on the code to ensure that we can respond flexibly and comprehensively to new requirements. Our storybook gives you the ‘live’ experience from the outset.

Creative web design

Frontend & user experience

We utilize the very latest programming languages and frameworks to develop and optimise your website’s user experience and performance. While also seeking to maximise the security, availability and SEO performance of your applications.

Frontend & user experience

Backend & infrastructure

Our seasoned developer/DevOps teams make use of ultramodern container architectures and microservices to create an individual solution for each and every project. We can also provide suitable interfaces that let your applications share their corporate data with other services.

Backend & infrastructure

Project management & support

Our certified project managers are experts in the methods needed to make a success of your project. From agile to conventional, paired with broad industry know-how – we highlight potential solutions, and remain your first port of call from project start to completion and handover to our Customer Care team.

Project management & support
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