Creative design

Looking good on all your channels

We keep an eye on the code when working on your design.

Creative design
Creativity and tech in perfect harmony

Creativity and tech in perfect harmony

We give your website poise and polish. Whatever your project brief – whether you need a new design, a modification of your existing corporate web design or something to help you expand across new output channels – we handle your creative design work from start to finish.

Our creative experts develop a (brand new) look for your content that is visually impressive while being based on a sound methodology. We use atomic design, which lets us create building blocks from all of the individual elements. By following this approach, we can implement new requirements from your corporate design quickly and straightforwardly.

To streamline our work with customers, our designers and developers work together to create a living style guide based on a storybook. This storybook includes all of the elements and examples of how to link them together, so they are ready-to-go for your system at any time.

Creative design in detail


Whether your content is consumed on phones, tablets or desktops, our design takes care of all the channel-specific challenges to offer maximum, device-neutral flexibility.

 Atomic design

We separate out all of your design components and create a repository of all the elements needed. This ensures that we can access the individual components at any time, combining these together easily to meet new requirements and thereby minimizing the effort needed for landing pages (for example).

 Living style guide

At the heart of each project is the living style guide, which we create, update and maintain as a storybook together with the development team. This gives you the chance to check through all of your elements and finished page types before coding starts.

 Design migration

Already working together with a creative agency or have a mature corporate design that needs to be applied now but developed further in the future? Not a problem! Our seasoned design teams are ready to handle any eventuality.

Selected case studies

German Insurance Association (GDV)

New web platforms make the German Insurance Association (GDV) fit for the future

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Stadtwerke Potsdam

Comprehensive relaunch of information platform as a response to changes in user behavior

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Fabio Baser


Are you facing a similar challenge in your company? Talk to us today about your needs and requirements. Our experts look forward to helping you.