About us

We’ve won the trust of our customers thanks to the hard work of our team over the years. Our erstwhile start-up is now a successful IT business.

It all began on a Monday

Monday Consulting was formed in Hamburg on 6 April 2009. Which was, of course, a Monday. With our vision of being the best CMS service provider guiding our way like a lighthouse, we set out on that fateful day filled with inspiration for our work—from the Port of Hamburg to the digital world. From the outset, our winning formula was our domain expertise plus our straightforward approach to collaboration. Our first projects turned into long-standing partnerships. Several major commissions followed, which gave us an opportunity to deepen our knowledge and, ultimately, establish ourselves as experts in the fields of insurance and healthcare.

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From the Port of Hamburg...

Our Hanseatic origins are easily discoverable from the location of our offices: a step away from St Pauli, with the Fish Market at our feet and a view out over the Elbe, Monday is based in the heart of Hamburg. Even the building floorplan resembles the contours of a ship’s hull. And we have ‘docks’ instead of conference rooms in our office space.

The way we work also betrays our origins: Monday is a company that pays due homage to the traditional commercial values of the Hanseatic League. Above all, we honour the values of reliability, quality and strong partnerships. For our customers, our word is our bond: we want to work together with them to develop high-quality solutions that ensure our clients’ long-term success. It’s the Monday formula for satisfied customers.

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Monday develops content management systems for cross-platform media to optimise visitor and customer dialogue. We specialise in the creation of modern software solutions, drawing on our impressive range of competencies in CMS, professional planning and dynamic, effective project management. From customer platforms to employee portals, content management solutions from Monday get information moving, promote dialogue, network people and processes, and generate valuable insights about the behaviour and the needs of your target audiences.

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Company management

The Monday team is made up of specialists with a wealth of experience gained at various levels in our industries. Common to them all is their broad-based know-how in development, creative input, integration, consulting and project management. Together, Andreas Bögemann, Volker Schrödter, Dirk Schrödter and Marcel Scheland make up our management team.

Andreas Bögemann

As a Senior HR Manager, he is responsible for the personal development of the Monday team. He uses his experience as a project manager primarily for our Monday Webforms product.

Dirk Schrödter

Dirk looks after Sales and Partner Management. As a Senior Consultant and Software Architect for CoreMedia and FirstSpirit, he is also responsible for our Webforms product.

Volker Schrödter

Our growth is naturally dependent on a secure financial base and a stable technical infrastructure. All of which is taken care of by our experienced Senior Consultant and Software Architect.

Marcel Scheland

As a Certified Scrum Master and Developer, our CMS expert with many years of CoreMedia experience is a walking reference book on the agile method. Within the company, Marcel is not only responsible for our customer projects but also for Corporate Communications.