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Backend & infrastructure
Future-proof infrastructure

Future-proof infrastructure

With innovation cycles becoming shorter and customer needs more demanding, an advanced infrastructure is becoming the mainstay of a company’s overall digital competivenes. From our backend developers to our DevOps engineers, the experts at Monday Consulting are seasoned users of all of the latest technical advances. Our goal is to design a modern and high-performance architecture that is also easy to maintain. To achieve this, we focus on developing container architectures and closely integrated microservices. Our development work also prioritizes performance, and the creation of clean and well-structured code – to ensure applications are stable, snappy and easy to maintain down the road.

We use Docker and Kubernetes to keep our solutions as flexible and as scalable as possible. Operating isolated from their environment, containers not only give your website failover protection but also cut down on resource use. Container architectures are also ideal for use with microservices, which in turn offer you a whole host of additional benefits. Each microservice is developed to be autonomous and standalone, with a clearly defined interface. This approach lets us shorten our development cycles while rolling out deployments and updates to you even sooner. The capability (or failure) of one service does not affect its neighbor modules, giving the overall system far greater stability than in a monolithic setup.

Backend & infrastructure in detail

 Java & Spring

As a broad-based ecosystem, Java is the foundation for many enterprise solutions, and a technology that is both well-established and up-to-date. The software platform quickly incorporates recent trends, so as to future-proof current development projects, and both the language and its development processes are mature and business-oriented.

 Kubernetes, Docker & DevOps

Creating software artifacts as container images – with Docker, for example – makes them quick and easy to deploy at any stage in the software lifecycle, from development to production use. Kubernetes handles environment provisioning, artifact deployment and the demand-based scaling of the required level of performance. All of this ensures modern DevOps methods are used to their fullest advantage.


Developing features as separate services means we can stay more agile and flexible during the development project. Systems also become easier to maintain and use as a starting-point for optimization work. Individual services can also be scaled independently of one another, which maximizes performance while increasing the resilience of your overall system.

 Third-party systems & interfaces

We develop bespoke interfaces (e.g. with GraphQL) to ensure you can access data efficiently and securely from any of your company’s third-party systems. This maintains compliance with security models (DMZ) and means that the data is only sent to an application if explicitly requested.

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