Frontend & user experience

Every page a work of art

Our Frontend Team develops high-quality, high-impact pages.

Frontend & user experience
Feature-packed perfection

Feature-packed perfection

If you’re aiming to impress a potential new customer, well-designed pages are only half the story: you also need to think about search engine optimization and performance. This is why we develop websites that are not only appealing but also functional, fast and failure-tolerant. We view frontend development work as a modern artisan craft: no two pages are quite alike but they all show the same attention to detail. The modern development toolbox offers our team plenty of advantages such as a shorter time-to-market, outstanding resilience and improved performance that positively influence your SEO. Yet we’re not afraid to make use of tried-and-tested tools where needed, deploying them wherever they add value to your project.

Whether you’re breaking new ground or making improvements, we’re ready to take on any challenge and turn it into a success that you (and we) will be proud of. We keep the end user in the spotlight, and an excellent user experience, forward-thinking accessibility and optimum performance are all part of the service.

Frontend & user experience in detail

 Modern tools and technologies

We make use of the most advanced languages and frameworks to help us accelerate project completion while maximising development quality. Many of our projects now use smart technologies like TypeScript, React and Tailwind CSS to boost your project time-to-market and keep it ahead of the game.

 Headless architecture

Separating out content and presentation makes content upkeep easier while giving designers greater freedom. Whatever your target look-and-feel, the sky’s the limit – thanks to the wealth of options and opportunities offered by these modern frameworks.

 Performance = SEO

We develop high-performance websites that guarantee you a high Lighthouse score. This gives you the benefit of satisfied customers while boosting your search engine rankings.


We see coding for accessibility as a win-win scenario: not only required by law but also a self-evident sign of development quality. All of our websites are accessible, offering an outstanding user experience to each and every visitor.

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Headless approach combines the corporate website and online shop

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Fabio Baser


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