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The website is an important information channel for this Hanseatic city. With 1.9 million unique users every month, it is the second-largest city portal in Germany. Alongside a commercial service portal, nearly 300 editors in local authorities and specialist departments are responsible for the platform’s civic content. This includes the daily publication of new articles, events and documents.

Pull becomes push

To date, the citizens of Hamburg have been able to use the portal proactively to access information about a range of topics. To improve communications, a new requirement was defined whereby interested citizens would be able to subscribe to an automated newsletter. had already selected the Universal Messenger from Pinuts as its chosen solution here. The large number of potential authors made avoiding any additional software training into an essential requirement. The new functionality should be usable with the familiar CoreMedia Studio interface with which editors already had expertise.

Experience is essential

The integration of the additional newsletter functionality using the Pinuts Universal Messenger into the CoreMedia 8 user interface marks the first joint project between Monday Consulting and the city portal. The Hamburg-based IT service provider turned in an impressive performance, displaying its extensive expertise in the CoreMedia platform and the integration of Universal Messenger with enterprise content management systems. Here, Monday Consulting drew on past experience with relaunch projects where it had adapted municipal sites for use with the Pinuts solution.

A key requirement for the successful integration of the two systems was understanding how the structure of the CoreMedia system had developed over the years. This enabled the exclusion of potential incompatibilities or undesirable complications right at the outset.

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Thanks to the seamless embedding of the Universal Messenger into the CoreMedia CMS, editorial staff working in the Hamburg city portal can now easily send their tailor-made content in an optimized format to any of the city’s many user groups.

Jörg Dienemann
Head of IT

Newsletter with CMS content

Easily repurposing existing content for the push solution.

Common user interface

New functionality usable within Studio itself.

Optimal publishing

Appealing design on all devices.

A one-stop news shop

It’s as simple as selecting an article, graphics and other content, choosing an appropriate category and then assigning a corresponding recipient list: all that’s necessary to create a newsletter with the Universal Messenger in the CoreMedia system for one of the 25 authorised editors working at Since staff continue to use a familiar interface, this has simplified acceptance and accelerated active use of the system. Time-consuming, in-depth training is not necessary.

The newsletter is also optimized for its recipients. The email is presented in a uniform layout, independently of the mail client or device being used. Each edition can also be accessed directly from the portal—where it is also adapted to fit all popular devices and screen formats.

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