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With 5.5 million customers, DAK-Gesundheit is one of Germany’s biggest public health insurance companies. Top of the agenda for DAK-Gesundheit is providing high-quality health insurance for its policyholders and comprehensive customer service. The company’s bonus programme and online offers are also setting the pace to follow in the German health insurance sector. All of these are complemented by a continuously expanding range of services. This includes the introduction of Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) on the German website. Users can interact directly with the website and receive suitable solutions to their concerns via a question-answer structure.

Initial situation

The pressure on DAK Health is increasing due to the modern and digital demands of its customers. To keep its customer services running smoothly, DAK was looking for a solution that could be adapted quickly to customer needs while staying secure and simple to use. To realize their full potential, self-services need to offer continuous availability and time savings while being easy to use. Company involvement should also be minimal.

After Monday Consulting integrated the form manager Formcentric into the system a few years ago, making processes available digitally, the next stage of development is to simplify and increase customer benefits when using the website. Insured persons should find the solution to their concerns even faster - that was the goal of our client.

Reaching the goal via simple question-answer flows

For this reason, the CUI were already introduced at DAK-Gesundheit in 2020. This service enables users to resolve their requests more quickly and easily.

This led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction and internal key performance indicators (KPIs), which underlines the importance of a customer-oriented website.

In the latest website relaunch, the team of Monday Consulting goes one step further and takes the user experience on the German website to the next level:

  • Precise answers and topic recommendations to search queries
  • Simplified user guidance through question-answer structure
  • Optimized view for mobile devices with app character
  • Increased loading speed through modern web technologies
  • Smart-Communication-Button for easy contact options
  • More data protection and security through headless architecture

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An attractive, informative and easy-to-use website is more than just a business card. It is increasingly becoming a decision criterion for (or against) a health insurance company. With the current development of a strong, customer-oriented website, we are taking the next big step towards becoming a digital pioneer.

Erik Ober
Product Owner DAK.de

CUI processes with more than thousand questions.

more clicks than before on the website.

satisfied users from over a million ratings.

Future-proof operation through scalable technology

The infrastructure components were selected according to the best-of-breed approach and all systems were connected via an API gateway. This ensures the security of the customer data and the overall system can be flexibly expanded.

The CoreMedia Content Cloud is used for operation to enable continuous deployment and flexible scalability:

  • Deployment and operation in the CoreMedia Content Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure API gateway for displaying internal third-party system content
  • Next.JS and React as the basis of the web app
  • CoreMedia Headless Server for content distribution

Relieving the editorial workload through modern architecture

In addition to improving the customer experience, the project also helped to save internal resources. The modern headless architecture enables changes and publications to be distributed to several touchpoints simultaneously via a centralized editorial system. This no longer requires time-consuming manual processing.

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