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With 5.7 million customers, DAK-Gesundheit is one of Germany’s biggest public health insurance companies. Top of the agenda for DAK-Gesundheit is providing high-quality health insurance for its policyholders and comprehensive customer service.

The company’s bonus programme and online products are also setting the pace to follow in the German health insurance sector. All of these are complemented by a continuously expanding range of services. The online ‘Meine DAK’ service offers policyholders a secure customer area where they can request, access or change personal data and other details in a simple and straightforward manner.

Initial situation

DAK was aware of growing pressure from digitalisation and the needs of modern customers. To keep its customer services running smoothly, DAK was looking for a solution that could be adapted quickly to customer needs while staying secure and simple to use. To realise their full potential, self-services need to offer continuous availability and time savings while being easy to use. Company involvement should also be minimal.

To ensure DAK would be prepared for future developments in healthcare—and customer service in particular—the company also needed to ensure that the solution did not merely model its existing processes but could also be used to create new online services.

DAK’s ultimate goal was serving its customers better and more responsively.

Easy to access—24 hours a day

With Monday Webforms, DAK has introduced a tool that helps it to optimise its customer touchpoints while automating its interactive processes. The powerful form manager integrated smoothly into the company’s system architecture, embedding seamlessly into the CoreMedia Studio backend that DAK uses for editorial management of its online content.

The ‘Meine DAK’ online branch offers customers a wide range of self-service processes, which include editing their personal data, checking conditions before applying for nursing care, having certificates issued, applying for additional services or joining DAK bonus programmes. Requirements for customer service automation as well as automated administrative and risk assessment processes were also fulfilled.

The form manager is linked to various third-party systems within DAK to ensure easy downstream processing of customer data. Substantial savings here include those in relation to processing costs and data integration.

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Our ‘Meine DAK’ platform offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for policyholders. With Monday Webforms, we now have an online tool that enables us to introduce new services quickly and securely, while also easily updating our existing portfolio. And all of this can be done without leaving our CMS.

Matthias Kohl
Director, DAK Digital Factory


Monday Webforms lets DAK respond to changes and new requirements by rolling out tailor-made services to their policyholders.


Customer advisers gain more time for personal consultations, since routine work is now handled entirely by Monday Webforms.


DAK maintains full control of its data. Customer enquiries are protected from manipulation, unauthorised access and fraud.

Intelligent forms – effective customer dialogue

Webforms can be used to create conditions, pre-fill fields or calculate values, all of which makes it much simpler for customers to complete their forms. User-defined rules are combined with customer input to ensure that specific questions—or even entire pages—can be shown or hidden as appropriate.

An improved customer experience based on faster handling, improved visibility and cross-channel dialogue is creating new and highly-efficient customer relationships.

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