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Techniker Krankenkasse is one of Germany’s most successful health insurance companies. With 10 million policyholders, 200 branches and 14,000 employees, ‘TK’ is also the biggest public health insurer on the German market.

Initial situation

As a growing company with a large customer base, TK was experiencing a rising demand for information, resulting in new challenges for data provisioning, preparation and presentation. The right technical environment needed to be created, plus modernization of the existing infrastructure.

Webseite relaunch with a fast track to information

During the website relaunch, Monday Consulting took an active role in advising the customer on the update strategy for CoreMedia and project development work. Monday Consulting also provided training for TK’s in-house CoreMedia development unit. The aim was to improve content structure and offer a more modern and responsive experience, guiding users to the information needed without complex menu structures. The quality of the information provided was also to be improved by reviews from business departments. To optimise the mapping of these processes to the platform, the existing CoreMedia system 6 was to be migrated to version 8.

Thanks to Monday Consulting’s expertise, however, the customer system was actually updated to the most recent version 9. Alongside new features, this step was also more efficient, as it skipped an interim version and future-proofed the solution with the longer support period offered by CoreMedia itself.

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Optimized processes on the new intranet

After a successful rollout to end customers, the next logical step was to update the company-internal intranet. This is an important internal platform that supports the work of consultants in branch offices and the wider company. Here too, Monday Consulting was able to develop solutions to meet specific requirements, including the customer’s need for automated archiving and linking to past cases. Since the German Social Law and other laws relevant for the company’s work are amended on a regular basis, reference often needs to be made to earlier versions of legislation. What used to be a time-consuming job editors completed by hand—with an unavoidable percentage of human error—is now handled automatically by predefined processes. As a result, current and previous versions of legislation are now available to company staff at the click of a button.

Migrating the internal document model to CoreMedia 9 has also reduced the amount of conversion work required for the new system.


Full details for the newest release are always on hand.


Complex requirements implemented with tailor-made solutions.


Monday Consulting works as part of the client project team.

Monday Consulting offers door-to-door know-how

Monday Consulting’s employees deliver CoreMedia know-how door-to-door, bringing it directly into the client’s teams, and staying on-site for the duration of the project. This improves the quality of development work while minimizing time wasted because of misunderstandings during project coordination.

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