Focus on digital accessibility – the Global Accessibility Awareness Day


Breaking down digital barriers with Monday Consulting.

Being a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), promoting digital accessibility is a priority for Monday Consulting. After all, digital accessibility is not just a trend, it is a responsibility that can be integrated into everyday life with just a few simple but effective methods.

Monday Consulting has decided to develop and implement accessible solutions. This not only turns the web into an inclusive place, but also simplifies and increases the efficiency of the company's own work. Through continuous training, the company ensures that its team is always up to date and fully compliant with the BSFG and EAA. The accessible development also offers many other advantages:

  • Valid syntax and correct semantics: code written in an accessible way reduces the susceptibility to errors and significantly simplifies the maintainability of the website.
  • Machine readability: Semantic HTML enables programmes and search algorithms to understand the content of a website faster and better.
  • Human readability: Accessible code is not only easier to understand for machines, but also for humans and enables faster, simpler code adaptations.
  • Performance: With accessible code, the performance of a website receives a significant boost. It loads faster and requires fewer resources.

In an age in which the digital world is becoming the primary source of information for more and more people, the promotion of digital accessibility is of crucial importance. After all, barrier-free access to the digital space not only means technical optimization, but also an increase in the quality of life for everyone.

From 2025, the European Accessibility Act (EAA) will make it mandatory for many companies to ensure digital accessibility. Contact Monday Consulting today to make your website accessible and fit for the future. Click here to find out more about Monday Consulting's services.

Marcel Scheland

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