Monday Consulting becomes a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)

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Monday Consulting has joined the International Association of Accessibility Professionals and the German-speaking branch IAAP D-A-CH, bringing digital accessibility increasingly into focus.

With the European Accessibility Act (EAA) coming into force, digital accessibility will become mandatory for many companies from 2025. This means that organizations that offer digital products and services must ensure that they are accessible to all people, regardless of their individual abilities or disabilities.

The IAAP is a global organization dedicated to the promotion and development of digital accessibility. It is made up of experts, professionals and organizations that pursue the common goal of making accessible digital content accessible to all people. IAAP D-A-CH is the German-speaking branch of this organization and focuses on the needs and requirements in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

As a member of IAAP and IAAP D-A-CH, Monday Consulting will have access to a wide range of resources, training and “best practices” in the field of digital accessibility. This will enable the company to better support its clients in implementing accessible digital solutions that meet future requirements.

"Accessibility is becoming increasingly important, and not just because of the introduction of the EAA. Rather, it is a commitment that gives us the opportunity to make the digital world more accessible and user-friendly for everyone. By becoming a member and actively involved in the IAAP, we want to highlight our expertise and provide a first-class service in this area."

Marcel Scheland, Managing Director of Monday Consulting

With this new membership and its clear commitment to digital accessibility, Monday Consulting is demonstrating its engagement to create inclusive digital solutions and to support its customers in fulfilling the requirements of tomorrow.

Information about the organization and membership can be found on the IAAP and IAAP D-A-CH websites, as well as in the overview of Monday Consulting's Credly profile.

Marcel Scheland

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