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The company effectively reinvented its CI, with a new logo, a new design and a new brand presence. Originally planned as a straightforward website relaunch, the project then metamorphosed into a full-scale rebranding. Thanks to agile project management from Monday Consulting, the project team was able to respond quickly to the necessary changes. With an established methodology and strong teamwork within the project, the new design specifications were quickly incorporated and adopted. The new website features a fresh new design that is clear-cut and easy to navigate.

„A fantastic result and a great project: thanks to the long hours we put in over the last few months, our customer now has a new website with all the latest features. And working with Monday has been a pleasure throughout the project!“

Andreas Scheffler, CosmosDirekt Rebranding Project Lead

Please see our Case Study page for full details of the CosmosDirekt website relaunch, the agile project management methods used and the underlying technical platform. The site is also optimized for mobile devices and lets users move seamlessly between the various product categories. Visit the brand-new website at www.cosmosdirekt.de.

Marcel Scheland

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Marcel Scheland, Chief Executive