Monday Consulting becomes Haiilo Partner

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With the Employee Engagement Platform, we’re taking our intranet solutions to the next level.

If you want happy customers, you need a motivated team and this has always been a top priority at Monday. Since 2009, we’ve been developing intranet solutions for international customers looking to offer their employees a platform for sharing information. Our partnership with Haiilo marks another milestone in this journey, as we take our intranet solutions to the next level: digital homes – perfectly put together with the Employee Engagement Platform.

Our savvy Hamburg colleagues have spotted the trend: even when working remotely, employees want more than just a job. Internal communications need to stay relevant and reach the right target audience, otherwise the message gets lost in the medium. Thanks to its outstanding UX, Haiilo’s social intranet makes it easier than ever before to network employees and really bring your teams together. Internal information is stored for easy access while staying compliant with data protection laws.

We truly believe this sets the standard for next-generation intranets. As a Haiilo partner, we’ll be using all of our specialist expertise in integration and complex architectures to implement smart and sophisticated intranets for our clients with this cloud-based solution.

“This new partnership builds on what we have learned from many of our customer projects: internal communications need to be simple but stimulating. As developers, teaming up with Haiilo also gives us the chance to map out the complex integrations that are the lifeblood of large corporations.”

René Zoller, Haiilo Expert at Monday Consulting

For more information about our new partnership and the benefits offered by the Employee Engagement Platform, please visit our partners page and the Haiilo website.

Marcel Scheland

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