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Personalized content delivery increases relevance of information on intranet.

With the 2019 relaunch of its intranet platform, Eppendorf Group established an information portal with global availability that networked 5,500 employees across 33 countries. Implemented by Monday in an 11-week sprint, this new, FirstSpirit-based intranet already met all of the requirements needed to facilitate future extensions.

The foundation for this had been laid with the first version: a clearly structured intranet site with an intuitive and appealing interface. The new release now adds the final touch to this intranet in terms of personalization. As a result, information on the intranet can now be personalized and therefore delivered as targeted content, which increases internal acceptance while improving the relevant reach of this content. Introducing personalization also enables the delivery of certain kinds of content that can only be made accessible to specific groups of people for regulatory reasons.

The personalization functionality is based on existing data drawn from the Workday HR management system already use in Eppendorf Group, as well as the Group’s user directory. When logged in, an Eppendorf employee will see content filtered by their location or company, for example. Editorial staff manage new and existing permissions directly on the content by working with its metadata in FirstSpirit ContentCreator. To ensure that all employees can view the information relevant to them – based on their location or department, for example – editors can simulate all of the user permissions with the help of the Multi-Perspective-Preview (MPP). Where layouts prevent protected images from being hidden in their entirety, the open source tool ‘ImageMagick’ is now used to render these images unviewable. This ensures that page structure is retained and the flow of text is not interrupted.

The relaunched Eppendorf Group intranet offers all of its employees worldwide an information portal that significantly improves internal communications. Thanks to the new options for content personalization, the intranet has now become even more relevant and can be strategically deployed at any company location. For further information about the new Eppendorf Group intranet, please see our case study.

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