Monday makes an appearance at the e-Spirit User Group

Monday makes an appearance at the e-Spirit User Group

In the monthly digital after-work event organized by the e-Spirit Usergroup , partners, customers and software companies all meet up to discover synergies, and work together on making life better for developers, users and customers. Pitfalls are highlighted and new solutions presented.

Our colleagues Nicole Reske and René Zoller utilized this platform to share their insights, and introduce the topic of ‘Hierarchical and nested tag/taxonomy structures in FirstSpirit’.

Nicole – Unit Head for the CoreMedia Team at Monday – got the ball rolling. Her whistle-stop tour of the competitor CMS showed how it has fully integrated taxonomies, which are easy to manage by editing staff.

René then took over, with an example that illustrated the steps necessary to achieve the same result in the content management system from e-Spirit. As Unit Lead for Monday’s e-Spirit Team, René has already successfully implemented this solution in many customer projects. With the help of an extension to First Spirit’s Tree Data module, the taxonomies can then be displayed hierarchically. As a result, editing staff can then create, select and manage these taxonomies. This simple approach makes it possible to close the feature gap to the competing product.

Full details of these and other services we provide can be found on the respective partner pages for FirstSpirit and CoreMedia.

Marcel Scheland

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