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With usability becoming a key point of focus for its online shop, Lebensbaum decided on a relaunch in 2021. Founded back in 1979, this small organic foods store had steadily grown into a medium-sized business over the years, becoming a specialist for the production of high-quality organic tea, coffee and spices.

To date, the web presence for this leading organic retailer had consisted of two separate and self-contained systems. The aim of the relaunch was to combine the two existing deployments together, so as to present shop functionality and informative content on a single, unified website, while making the customer experience as user-friendly as possible. The new web app also needed to have a flexible architectural basis and be easy to maintain with modern tools.

To avoid a complex and time-consuming migration of this editorial content to a new e-commerce platform, Monday recommended taking the headless route, a hybrid option that facilitates the technical separation of content and presentation. With this new headless commerce approach, Lebensbaum now has a future-proofed website. Thanks to the reuse of the existing content management system, content maintainers can continue to work in their familiar environment, although their output is now part of a more modern system. The integrated shop offers an outstanding user experience and is perfectly tailored to match the CI. Last but not least, the new architecture is also an ideal launch pad for future projects.

„Monday’s idea of taking the headless approach to develop a new web app that unites our two existing systems offers a lot of advantages. Our customers benefit from a wide range of usability improvements while we avoid the hassle of leaning a new content management system. And we also have plenty of options for future developments – such as ensuring the seamless integration of new data sources.“

Manuela Wiegmann, Corporate Communications

Full details of the relaunch and the technical implementation of the headless commerce approach are provided on the Case Study page. Visit the brand-new, 2-in-1 website at www.lebensbaum.com.

Marcel Scheland

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