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The Eppendorf Group is a leading life sciences company that develops and distributes equipment, consumables and services for liquid handling, sampling handling and cell handling for use in laboratories all over the world. The company recently decided to boost performance in its internal communications as well, by giving 5,500 employees in 33 countries access to a centralized repository of company-internal data. This was enabled by setting up a FirstSpirit CMS system architecture combined with a multilingual full-text search developed by Monday.

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As an international Group, the company lacked a single point of access to available information, data and potential knowledge, as this was distributed across various company-internal systems and multiple locations. The international sites needed to be networked centrally in just eleven weeks.

Monday readily accepted the challenge and produced a fully-functional platform for the intranet with multilingual support in a short space of time. Our objective was to create the best solution from a user perspective, to ensure that the required content could be found quickly and easily, and that content queries produced high-quality search results. To do so, we developed a universal full-text search for FirstSpirit that also enables users to locate content in other formats, such as PDF.

Monday: aktiver Partner und Berater

We acted as both implementation partner and consultant for the intranet project. With our agile project team, we took less than three months to set up the system architecture based on the latest FirstSpirit release, get the design signed off and implement the platform. As a result, the Eppendorf Group was presented with a brand-new, world-spanning information portal in record time. The portal also offers a platform for future extensions with additional service modules.

“With the support provided by Monday Consulting we were able to implement a dynamic content management system based on FirstSpirit over a very short time frame, which gave our employees in 33 countries user-friendly access to the collective knowledge of the Eppendorf Group.”

Christiane Klebig, Senior Manager Digital Communications

For further details of the project and the solution we provided, please visit the case study page.

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