Monday at DMEXCO @Home 2020

DMEXCO Eppendorf

The biggest trade fair for the European digital marketing and advertising industry will be held once again on 23 and 24 September. This year, however, a feature-packed virtual programme replaces the bustling trade show grounds. At the 2020 DMEXCO @Home, digital marketing experts will offer an opportunity for decentralized networking, dialog and business.

As a DMEXCO @Home exhibitor, Monday Consulting will also be giving in-depth insights into FirstSpirit solution strategies. In our presentation ‘A global intranet solution in record time’, we introduce delegates to a new information platform that we completed for the Eppendorf Group in just eleven weeks.

The Eppendorf Group is a leading life sciences company that develops and distributes equipment, consumables and services for liquid handling, sampling handling and cell handling for use in laboratories all over the world.

The Group lacked a single point of access to its information, data and potential knowledge, as this was distributed across various company-internal systems and multiple locations. The project therefore aimed to network these various repositories via a central, global platform. The company also needed to merge its information streams and make these instantly accessible. Accordingly, project implementation goals included not only data platform setup but also the identification of the best solution from a user perspective, so as to ensure the required content could be found quickly and easily, and that content queries produced high-quality search results. And there was one last challenge: just eleven weeks were available for the conceptual design, backend and implementation.

At 4 p.m. on Thursday, 24 September, we’ll be revealing how we were able to implement this FirstSpirit-based intranet site in record time for the Group’s 5,500 employees worldwide in the e-Spirit GmbH private space at the 2020 DMEXCO @Home. Marcel Scheland, Project Lead and Director at Monday Consulting GmbH, will be presenting the Eppendorf case study, the initial situation and the special challenges presented by this project. René Zoller, FirstSpirit Unit Head at Monday and Project Architect, will then take a deep dive into the intranet, explaining how the final result was achieved with such a rapid turnaround.

Marcel Scheland and Rene Zoller

Your voucher code C814L9 grants you free access to our presentation, as well as the masterclass and the complete e-Spirit GmbH private space. Or click here. If needed, your ticket can be upgraded easily for other DMEXCO programme items.

Marcel Scheland

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Marcel Scheland, Chief Executive