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Monday’s form manager is seamlessly integrated into the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform and has been tailored precisely to the new ContentCreator. Working within their familiar environment, form authors can easily create professional forms, while real-time validation provides them with an important failsafe. The web-based solution offers a wide range of powerful functions packaged into a user-friendly design. From simple contact forms to complex workflows, Monday Webforms can handle them all, using calculated values and conditional branching to ensure forms are presented in a straightforward format with great usability.

The new release further improves the easy initial setup for Monday Webforms, with the web applications now being automatically provided.

Monday Webforms 6.2.1 now offers two web endpoints that can be used to access various metrics about the usage of the forms as well as system values relevant to form runtime, such as memory use and processor utilisation.These form metrics provide information about how often your forms are accessed and submitted.

You can also look forward to greater flexibility for template development work, with Apache FreeMarker templates now also provided alongside the familiar JSP templates. As with the JSPs, the FreeMarker templates also come with a basic set of templates that make it even easier for you to get started with form management.

A macro function is now also provided to allow you to quickly create frequently used form elements such as address blocks or drop-down lists. This function allows you to save existing form elements as new macros: these elements can then be added to future forms with a single mouse-click.

If you want to communicate even more directly with your customers, why not try the new feature in ‘Send as Email’? This action now allows you to select specific form fields for your mail, and you can also remove any empty fields before sending the mail with one click of the mouse. All of these empty form fields can also be hidden in the Summary, which helps you to make your forms even more streamlined and user-friendly.

Another feature has also been added to the IBAN validator as part of the new release. As will already be familiar to you from postcode handling, you can now check your customer’s IBAN based on the country they specified earlier as their place of residence.

The support for Legacy Mode has now been discontinued with this release and only Isolated Mode will now be supported going forward.

More information about Monday Webforms in ContentCreator is available here.

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